NVIDIA mental ray

NVIDIA mental ray

Rendering Imagination Visible

mental ray® is a feature rich, high performance 3D rendering software that creates images of outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism based on advanced ray tracing techniques. It enables artists to create any imaginable visual effect by combining advanced global illumination with full programmability. Used by industry professionals for over 25 years, mental ray has become a standard for photorealistic rendering across the film, visual effects, and design industries.

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mental ray® combines the fully flexible ray tracing engine for unrestricted artistic control with the setup-free interactive photorealistic rendering using iray® in one single solution.

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mental ray® uses sophisticated and proprietary acceleration and sampling techniques for fast rendering on any type of machine. The highly optimized parallel render engine ensures best scalability on multi-core and multi-processor machines, as well as across a distributed network of machines, for optimal overall performance.

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mental ray®'s ongoing development is targeted at ease of use and state-of-the-art rendering workflows. The latest version of mental ray 3.13 further simplifies usage for common tasks.

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mental ray® is embedded into several content creation applications widely used in the media entertainment and design industries. It is also available as a standalone product for rendering on a render farm, and as a library for integration into custom applications.

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