Design with speed and accuracy without losing your creative control using the NVIDIA Iray® rendering solution. 

NVIDIA Iray is a state of the art, yet easy to use, photorealistic rendering solution with a robust C++API for seamless integration into 3D applications.  Iray provides multiple rendering modes addressing a spectrum of use cases requiring realtime and interactive feedback to physically based, photorealistic visualizations.

Common material definitions using our MDL material descriptions ensure flexibility of material design from realtime to final frame results.  Iray is highly scalable in performance across GPUs and CPUs on local or remote networked machines. An internal database enables fast incremental changes, highly efficient cluster rendering, and powerful collaboration opportunities.

Physically Based Rendering

Iray is an intuitive to operate, interactive, consistent, high-performance global illumination rendering technology that generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials.  With Photorealistic, Interactive and Realtime rendering modes, application developers can create a custom rendering experience that fits their customers' needs.  Iray render modes can simultaneously render and blend between each other to address a wide range of interactive scenarios, allowing you to optimally balance speed and quality, while always using the same material descriptions.

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Physically Based Materials

The NVIDIA Material Definition Language, NVIDIA MDL™, defines and describes the properties of materials for all rendering modes of Iray.   An example material catalog is delivered with Iray to get started from day one building your own materials. 

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Integration API

The NVIDIA Iray API is a comprehensive C++ API for integration and customization tasks. The API provides a single access point to the C++ software libraries, which can be dynamically loaded and linked to 3D applications at runtime.

Or partners at Lightwork Design and miGenius offer Iray SDK integration services which gives you easy access to first-class 3D visualization technology of Iray directly within your CAD, configuration point of sale or any custom application. Lightworks provides technology and services for seamless software integration making Iray easily accessible to any application developer.

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Distributed Rendering

Iray is designed for efficient scalability across both GPUs and CPUs, whether they are in a single machine or connected across a network.

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