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We conduct original research to create technologies which anticipate and meet market needs. Products developed from these technologies in a number of categories are:


NVIDIA Iray is an intuitive to use, interactive, consistent, high-performance global illumination rendering technology that generates photo-realistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light.

Unlike current ray-tracing renderers, Iray does not depend on complex renderer specific shaders and settings to approximate global illumination. Iray achieves its high level of performance by taking full advantage of the CUDA programming model, allowing interactive previewing on both single and multiple NVIDIA GPU platforms.

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NVIDIA mental ray®

mental ray is the world leading, Academy Award® winning, high performance, photorealistic rendering software. It produces images of unsurpassed realism for digital content creation and design in the areas of entertainment, product design and data visualization, including such applications as visual effects for motion pictures, full-length feature animations, content creation for computer games, Computer Aided Design (CAD), product design and styling, architectural design, lighting design, fluid flow simulation, seismic data studies and medical imaging.

mental ray features the most advanced, patented and proprietary ray tracing and rasterizer algorithms. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and parallel computer architectures, including networks of computers, for maximum performance. mental ray is the first rendering software that combines the physically correct simulation of the behavior of light with full programmability for the creation of any imaginable visual phenomenon.

mental ray is available as a standalone product and in the form of a library for integration into software products.

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NVIDIA IndeX is a software product for visualizing and interpreting volume and surface datasets. IndeX leverages GPU clusters for real-time scalable visualization and computing of volumetric data, with the possibility of embedded geometric data as well. As a data analysis and interpretation technology, IndeX complements the image generation features of NVIDIA Iray and mental ray. The data to be visualized by IndeX may either be produced by measurement (as in geospatial and medical datasets) or generated by simulation (for weather and climate models).

NVIDIA IndeX is currently licensed as a software component for visualization in a seismic application. Acquisition techniques applied in the oil and gas industries that scan the Earth's subsurface structure can generate terabytes and even petabytes of n-dimensional data that cannot be visualized using individual workstations alone, requiring the multi-GPU and multi-host capabilities of NVIDIA IndeX.

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Other Products

mental cloud Direct
The experimental cloud render service has been discontinued.

mental mill®
Retail distribution has been discontinued. mental mill will no longer be enhanced, but its version 1.2 is available as a free download here.

mental queue
Retail distribution has been discontinued.

Distribution has been discontinued, but see MDL.

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